Cantique (NEOS Music, 2015)

CHF 19.00

The Works
Max Reger (1873-1916) Vier Tondichtungen nach Arnold Böcklin Op.128
Ernest Bloch (1880-1959) Schelomo
Andreas Pflüger (1941) Pitture*

The Artists
Estelle Revaz cello
Orchestre Musique des Lumières
Catalin Desaga concertmaster
Facundo Agudin conductor 

About the programme
Introducing “Cantique” // by Facundo Agudin
The young Victor Hugo looks through the telescope of a powerful Parisian telescope and, faced with darkness, thinks he sees nothing. But he is really looking at the Moon. His gaze gets lost in the trembling shadows of the Promontorium somnii—the Headland of Dream.
This project subtly alters the listener’s point of view. The audience embarks on a journey into a sound territory where the composers, although exhibiting highly original individual approaches, seem to be looking at each other from their own cultural territories.
The triptych is made up of works by three authors: faced with the abyss of the Great War, a Bavarian Catholic organist with an already established reputation, and a young composer from Geneva who draws on his Jewish roots in search of his own voice. Exactly a century later, an agnostic from Basel with a slender style and an unconventional background, highly experienced in opera writing and film animation.
All three are bound together by their love of art and symbolism, and have complementary approaches to the legendary tales, the supernatural and the Ancient Scriptures.
[complete article in booklet notes]

Un «Cantique» entre musique et peinture.On y trouve Quatre Poèmes symphoniques d’après Arnold Böcklin de Max Reger, Schelomo d’Ernest Bloch et le premier enregistrement mondial de Pitture pour violoncelle et grand orchestre d’Andreas Pflüger (né en 1941). // Julian Sykes, Le Temps, 26.09.15

Estelle Revaz cultive le transfert d’inspiration. «Comment une forme d’art peut-elle en inspirer une autre, la couleur devenir son?» s’interroge le chef d’orchestre Facundo Agudin dans la notice de Cantique, un disque qui veut faire connaître la peinture suisse par le détour de la musique. // Matthieu Chenal, 24 Heures, 7.11.15

invitation à un voyage imaginaire Un disque grave, incisif et exigeant où orchestre et instrumentiste jouent avec finesse et intelligence, dans une belle symbiose musicale. // Sylvie Bonier, Le Temps, 31.10.15


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